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A little bit about me. I am one of those restless souls who believes life is too short and one must experience all there is to the fullest. Our globe is stunningly beautiful & my dream has always been to see as much of it as possible. So far, my count is 48 countries & a lot of them have been multiple times.  But I wont be even remotely satisfied until I reach at least 100!

I love everything about life; people, adventure, nature & travel! And I especially love photography! I carry my camera wherever I go. I am always that one person you see at parties or family gatherings who is in everyone’s face, capturing every moment of the event!

But travel is probably my greatest inspiration.  Unexplored remote areas & wildlife fascinate me. I would love to walk the entire planet if possible. And I would love to be able to capture all the beauty of these places so they stay with me forever. Photography makes these experiences possible for everyone to enjoy. And I love sharing these experiences. This is my passion and joy.

A little bit about us. We have been together 30+ years. We are both passionate about travel & photography. We are young at heart & sometimes act like crazy little kids even though we are in our late 50's. We take chances as we believe life is short and it should be lived to the fullest. In 2013 we did something most people would never do - we quit our corporate jobs & crazy commuting life, sold our home and took a chance at a whole new life. So far, it hasn't failed us! We are still going strong & constantly on the move like the roaming nomads.  

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