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Canada: Alqonquin Park Portage

I have been wanting to go back to Algonquin Park to do some canoeing. John & I used to frequent Algonquin many years ago for various reasons, whether hiking or portaging or just to drive through it in hopes of seeing some moose. One of my must do’s this year was to go there just to photograph moose. This is my second attempt in 3 months and I still have yet to see one!

At one of our recent neighbourhood gatherings, a few of us made a commitment to attempt a portage trip into Algonquin. It was a 3 day/3 night trip, starting off on a Thursday night with a drive up to Kearney. We borrowed a friend’s cottage for the first night so that we had a nice and early start on Friday morning to ensure we got the camping spot that we wanted.

There were 16 of us. 7 canoes. 6 tents. 3 portages across 3 lakes and final destination was a small island on Daisy Lake. We had enough food to feed all of us for at least a week. We did not eat canned or boil-in-a-bag food, it was REAL food… rib steaks & quesadillas one night, chicken/shrimp or vegetarian pad thai another night. Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, bagels, cream cheese… you name it, we had it! We even had coolers full of ice!

And the booze? Well, lets not ever talk about that one… this “hood” means business. When we do things, we do things in style and we do it LARGE!!! No wonder the portages nearly killed us all.

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