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Conquering Kilimanjaro - Day 3

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Elevation: Start at 11,500 ft – end at 13,650 ft at Moir camp

It was pure hell for me last night. I barely slept due to the nasty headache that would not go away. Plus the usual zipping and unzipping of tents for bathroom breaks. I felt like crap! My oxygen readings were down but nothing serious so they told me to take 2 more extra strength Tylenols. Also sugar. YUCK. They forced me to put 2-3 tsps of sugar in my tea – supposedly that helps. Also, constant drinking of water… the motto was: DRINK, DRINK and DRINK!

Our usual morning routine and day 3 group photo taken right on schedule, at 8:55am. Then time to walk by 9.

Leaving Shira 1 Camp.

Today was another longer hike day, about 6 ½ hours but longer distance, about 10kms. It wasn’t as steep but a good long trek. We hiked across the Shira plateau, past the Shira Cathedral, towards Moir camp. It was at the end of a huge gorge, at the foot of a giant lava flow. Again we lucked in with beautiful weather for our hike.

The guides watched us like hawks. Behind their sunglasses, their eyes were constantly on every move we made during the day, whether we drank enough, ate enough, looked like we were struggling, had any pain, moved to slow, etc. Very sly fellas.. couldn’t fool them in how we were feeling.

We arrived at Fisher Camp for lunch at around 1pm, the dining tent set up again with the usual hot lunch already cooked by the time we arrived. Today many of us were feeling pressure in the temple area and some minor headaches. Deb & I were still suffering the most. I was told to take two more Tylenols at lunch.

Then the weather started to turn and it got very cloudy. Everyone feared rain finally.

We arrived at Simba cave and took a small break, taking the opportunity for some group shots.

As we were getting close to Moir Camp for the night it started to ice pellet – we put on our heavier jackets and thought for sure it would start to rain. Rain would be a nightmare as everything would turn into mud and something none of us looked forward to.

We got to camp at 4pm and we did the mad dash into our tents & got our damp sweaty clothes changed. We were all starting to look a bit ragged and tired, and feeling the effects of the altitude, but Deb & I were still the worst. Eliakim knew that the two of us were having a hard time and we were the first lucky ones to get oxygen as soon as we got changed. But its amazing as we immediately felt so much better afterwards! I still had to take two more Tylenols. Eliakim explained that it really is not good to have a headache during sleep at altitude, so it’s imperative to try & get rid of it before sleep. I think this has been the most Tylenols I have ever taken!

Oh and don’t I just look lovely here!

The weather cleared up by 5:30pm and luckily we did not get rain. It’s amazing how fast the weather changes on the mountain.

​We had some good entertainment in the tent tonight with Alan sporting his funky tights! Way too funny! And I was able to eat tonight. YAY!

The stars were incredible tonight! SO, SO bright and close it seemed. I was bummed that I still didn’t have the energy and no tripod for the night shots but it was extremely cold here and we were all exhausted so were in bed by 8 or 8:30 again! The altitude really enhances the cold – it’s hard to explain and it also makes it harder to breathe in the cold. Every little movement you make, like dressing or walking a few steps up hill to go to the bathroom literally exhausts you and makes your heart beat right out of your chest.

Day 3 down! Continue reading about our Day 4 Kilimanjaro hike.

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