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  • Niki Harry

Venice - The city of love

Having travelled to Croatia so many times, I cannot believe that we have never visited Venice with it being so close to us. This time around, we made sure that we stopped in at this very unique and magnificent city. Being end of July and extremely hot (39 celcius this particular day) we thought it would be PACKED with tourists therefore a nightmare to try and get around, especially arriving by car as we would be. So we did the simplest thing. We drove to Istria Croatia, parked our car for 2 days at a bed and breakfast where we stayed and we took the ferry over.

We left Porec in the morning, arrived within 2 1/2 hours and spent the whole day wandering around taking the sights in. To our surprise it wasn’t as busy as we expected. And it wasn’t as “smelly” as we expected, even with that heat. They have really cleaned it up.

We walked around and took the sights in but also hired a gondola and off we went.. for the tour of the beautiful city.

I loved the “Romeo and Juliet” feel of the city. I loved the fact that it was so different due to the canals. I loved the gondoliers. How effortlessly they manouvered those gondolas around and not to mention that some were very HOT!

The craziness of the grand canal… pure kaos & madness with boat traffic. Gondolas, power boats, water taxi’s, huge ferry boats, private tour boats.. you name it. All fighting for the right of way. And the smaller canals when you get grid-locked. I had to close my eyes a couple of times!

I loved learning about the Carnival of Venice and reasons behind the incredible costumes and gorgeous masks.

I loved the food. And just as we sat inside to have lunch, the heavens opened and some wicked storms rolled through.

Luckily the rain stopped long enough for us to get back to the ferry but the scariest and darkest clouds were all around us and we had a bit of a “rockin and rollin” ride back across the Adriatic.

We found out later that one of the worst storms hit the coast and caused quite a bit of damage to homes and trees. Clay roofs were blown off some homes in Croatia.

I’m so happy that I finally scratched Venice off my bucket list but wish we could have spent more time to experience it in a less rushed way.

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