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Canada Road Trip - New Brunswick

The final thing we really wanted to experience and see were the tides at the Bay of Fundy. I wanted to see the famous Hopewell Rocks. But in order to see it at low tide and high tide, you need 12 hours or most people do it in 2 days. They actually sell the passes as a 2 day pass. We literally arrived at 4pm and rushed off for the walk down to the park as high tide was approaching. We had less then an hour to walk out onto the ocean floor and be back before getting caught in it.

​We left just in time and checked in to our cute little cabin which we had for two nights. We were the ONLY people here! The rest were all empty. We never saw the owners at all. We let ourselves in and let ourselves out. We paid them over email. It was fabulous! We had bonfires each evening and they provided all the wood. The cottages were fully equipped with everything we needed. We highly recommend this place.

We got up early and headed to Alma and then to Fundy National Park to do some hiking there. We did a small 3 km hike around a bog in hopes of seeing moose, but nothing. It was beautiful though and once again we lucked in with gorgeous weather.

We then did an 8km hike from Bennett Lake to Tracey Lake. We had to backtrack on this hike as it was not a loop. But again a beautiful forest hike and still no moose.

We headed back to Hopewell rocks around 3pm as low tide was at 2:30. We walked all over the ocean floor and took in the massive rocks, taking 100’s of photos. The tide comes in very fast and we had to make sure we were out of there by 5pm. We walked another 4 kms just along the ocean floor!

​And finally our adventure came to an end and it was time to head back home. We left the Bay of Fundy at 8:30 am and drove straight through. It took 13 hours to get home.

And all along the way, we kept seeing these signs.

​But not a single REAL moose to be seen. And so my quest continues.

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