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Nicaragua: San Juan Del Sur

It was only an hour drive from the ferry docks across to the Pacific coast, to SAN JUAN DEL SUR. When we arrived, the hotel manager gave us the bad news that our sail trip the next day had to be cancelled due to the high winds here as well. It was just too risky and they had cancelled all boating activities. I was really upset at first as that was the only other thing that I was really excited to do.

But, boy was I shocked when I saw where we were staying! Gorgeous PELICAN EYES HOTEL AND RESORT. Perched up on the hill overlooking all of San Juan del Sur.. but only a 10-15 minute walk into town. Our “HOUSE” was called Aguas Azules. This is the room we had.

Because this trip was a package deal and everything was pre-planned and paid for, the tour company and hotel tried to come up with other ideas for us to do the following day. After seeing this place, I decided that I did not want to go anywhere. Just stay here and take in this beauty. Enjoy the day. Swim. Chill out and have drinks! We were here two days and upon checkout we were shocked to discover that the hotel did not charge us for any drinks or food we had to make up for the cancelled boat trip. And they threw in a pedicure. Wow! Impressed for sure!!

In the late afternoons, we would wander down into town and walk around. Again this is another surfer, hippy town packed with young kids. The streets are lined with surf shops, restaurants and juice bars. Not much else to do here except to eat, surf and party. A very casual vibe.

And all too soon, two days flew by way to quickly. But it was the perfect way to end our stay in Nicaragua. We were picked up by Roberto and a new driver and left by 11AM to head back towards Managua for our flight out tomorrow. We were supposed to do another day of hiking here at APOYO CRATER LAKE. But it was still extremely windy and when I heard that it was steep and had lots of snakes, we both decided to forget the hike. So we wandered around, checked out the market stalls and shops for a while and then drove through the picturesque, old colonial city of Catarina.

We had our final lunch with Roberto and our driver at “MI VIEJO RANCHITO” restaurant. The food was authentic and fantastic. Had a great time laughing and chatting together as if we had known each other forever. After the lunch, they took us to a large Masaya market for some final souvenir shopping and then a grocery store so that I could stock up on coffee to take home with me.

They dropped us off at another gorgeous hotel HOTEL LOS ROBLES IN MANAGUA where we had to say our final goodbyes. It was really tough to say goodbye.

Roberto, you are a fantastic guide. You are a wealth of information. You are charismatic. Your laugh is infectious. You care about people. You have became a friend. Thank you so much for making Nicaragua a memorable & safe vacation for us and thanks to everyone at Tours Nicaragua for an unforgettable experience. AND OFF WE WENT TO MEET FRIENDS IN HONDURAS!

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