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Honduras: San Pedro Sula & Roatan Island

Upon leaving Nicaragua, we couldn’t fly direct next door to Honduras. We had to fly all the way back to Panama only to then turn around and fly back north to Honduras. So silly but its the way the flights work there. And the only way for us to get to the ISLAND OF ROATAN was to go to San Pedro Sula first, stay one night and then catch the early morning flight out to Roatan. We were meeting our Canadian friends who were arriving basically at the same time to spend 2 weeks with us on the island.

Our night in SAN PEDRO SULA happened to be February 14th – Valentine’s day! How wonderful except the fact that San Pedro Sula is not the nicest city to spent any time in. We had arranged with our hotel to send a private driver for us as we did not want to try and figure out how to get downtown on our own in the murder capital of the world!

Once we got to the hotel, we decided it was best to be safe then sorry, and chose to stay in for the night. Unfortunately there was no restaurant in the hotel, so we had the front desk help us with ordering something in. Being a Sunday night, it was really difficult to get anything and so Pizza Hut pizza it was! They even delivered right to our room! But the biggest bummer was that I could not get any wine. On Sundays in many places in South & Central America’s its illegal to sell booze anywhere. The front desk lady was wonderful and tried so hard to get me a bottle of wine but with no luck. She did manage to go underground & get John 6 beer! Pizza and beer works except not for me. Oh well, it was a Valentine’s day I wont forget anyway!

Being right next door to Nicaragua I was so shocked to see the difference in vegetation and the fact that everything was so green here, but yet in Nicaragua they hadn’t had any rain at all.

Arriving over Roatan… wow, love the colours of the water and you can clearly see the reef. It is the seconds largest reef next to the great barrier. I was so excited for this!

It was only a 1/2 hour flight from mainland and we arrived literally 15 minutes prior to our Canadian crew. Great timing and planning Mr John! We just got through customs and were waiting for our luggage when I saw their Sunwing flight arriving. This was a pretty small airport and there were no other flights at all.

And here we all are at last.. all those months of planning and the time has finally arrived. Donna & Frank, Mike & Pat and Mark & Pam were joining us at an all inclusive resort for the next 2 glorious weeks. This was a perfect way for us to chill out after 6 weeks of travelling through 2 countries.

We settled in at INFINITY BAY SPA & BEACH RESORT, our all inclusive place which was not your typical all inclusive, as we later realized. These were actually time share condos and there were many residents here. Only the Sunwing customers were considered all inclusive. The rest had to purchase their dinners and drinks. It was a beautiful resort except for the initial rooms we got were not so nice. They all face the back of the resort, to a wall. There are no patios or patio doors. We felt it was very dark in these rooms and they didn’t offer much other then nice big king beds. Once we all switched rooms we loved it. The one and two bedroom apartments are beautiful and well worth it.

The beach area was amazing! The clearest most turquoise water ever. It was so beautiful!

The dark areas is where the reef starts. It was unbelievable. You could just swim in and snorkel daily for hours and see the most amazing fish and marine life.

You can walk along the beach and there are a few restaurants and bars that you can go to at night. Our resort had very minimal entertainment or next to none really, so having bars to go to so close was a bonus. They usually had live bands playing or activities on the beach. But if you were really bored, you can grab a water taxi or land taxi to West Bay which was major party town.

So the first excursion that some of us did was go deep sea fishing. It was me & John, Pam & Mark and Mike from our group. Then Archie, Al & Tracy whom we met there during our stay. Mike went with the 3 of them on one boat and we on the other. We had a very early start and had to be there at 6AM to get going.

The sun was coming up but the waves were ridiculously large. Huge swells making our boat rock ‘n’ roll like crazy and then we were getting sprayed so badly, we ended up soaked. Not too much fun at first. And not a single fish was biting.

MEANWHILE!!!! The other boat is catching all sorts of fish! Are you kidding me!? Little did we know at the time. Tracy you champ you! You go girl!! I am so jealous!

But at least we were included in the feast afterwards! All the fish was prepared by the cook at the resort and we had dinner for 12 that night. It was amazing, fresh and so tasty. We gave the leftovers to the staff to take home.

The second excursion we did was a catamaran tour. We booked this boat, the Stray Cat and as it turned out we were the only 8 people on it! I loved that personally, as I did not want an overcrowded boat.

We sailed down the entire coast and then anchored and spent some hours snorkelling, swimming and jumping from the boat. They provided drinks and snacks. We couldn’t have had a better day for it. So gorgeous.

We came back during sunset. On one side was the sun setting and on the other a full moon rising. So gorgeous on all accounts!

During the second week, we ended up having 2 days of stormy, rainy weather. So we did nothing but hang out and play cards together. On the second day we decided to hire a private driver and get a tour of the island, since its not a large island & the weather was crappy anyway. We drove all around and to the other end of the island. We were shown little villages, island life & points of interest. The thing that surprised us the most about Roatan is that this is an English speaking island, unlike mainland. Here I was thinking I would be practicing my Spanish here. Not the case at all.

These houses are not only built on stilts but there is also no way to get to them other then by boat. Not sure I would want to live like that daily.

Then out of nowhere and in the middle of nowhere, we came upon this insane ARC. We got out to try and figure out what it was, and were told its going to be a massive restaurant. Bizarre. We actually got a tour of it inside and its going to be quite amazing. But I would love to know who will be coming here to eat!?

Our final couple of days at the resort, just chilling and doing what you usually do at a resort.

And all good things come to an end, so time to go. John & I had to fly back separately, the way we came. So back to Honduras mainland, then on to Panama (where we almost missed our flight & where we were meeting Voyko), then back to Toronto. The rest of the gang had a direct flight back to Toronto via Sunwing. Lucky them.

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