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Canada: Beautiful British Columbia

If you love nature & the outdoors, mountains & the sea, hiking & outdoor sports, beautiful scenery & year round good weather, then this is the place to be. British Columbia is all those things and more. I love it here. John’s daughter, hubby and two kids live in Vancouver & we haven’t been for a visit in almost 7 years. It was long overdue.

​Every time I come to Vancouver, I marvel at the gorgeous gardens & landscaping people have here. The flowering bushes and shrubs are beautiful and we came at the perfect time just as everything was in bloom.

We took daily hikes in Lynn Canyon Park, which was minutes from where we were staying.

We drove to Buntzen Lake one day and hiked an 8km loop all around the lake. Its a fantastic hike with beautiful trails.

Another day, Edyn had a PA day so we took her for the day and drove up to Whistler & as far as Pemberton and back. The views were stunning and we took any opportunity for a photo break along the way.

There aren’t too many places to stop along the coastal highway, so many of the photos had to be taken through the front windshield.

We stopped in Whistler and wandered around the shops, then a rest stop for some ice cold smoothies.

Edyn is taking photography in school and had an assignment due. Perfect timing! The two of us had a lot of fun taking shots and comparing notes, stopping at every gorgeous site we came upon.

We ended the day with a 7.6km hike not far from Whistler, to Cheakamus Lake and back. Again, nothing but stunning views, giant trees and beautiful, clean, fresh air filling our lungs. If I lived in BC, I think I would hike every possible trail there is to hike! I cannot get enough of it.

Luckily we did not run into any bears. Seeing it was spring and they were out with cubs the signs were everywhere to beware.

After 6 days visit, we left and drove to the Okanagan valley. Being on my bucket list, it was a perfect opportunity to go. The drive there was spectacular. Valleys, twists and turns, gorgeous nature and again lucking in with beautiful weather.

We drove to Kelowna and then Penticton, where we stayed one night. We wandered the parks and walked the towns, enjoying the beauty and squeezing each moment in.

The Okanagan area is stunning. The vinyards and unique landscape wrapped around the Okanagan Lake is very different then anything I had ever seen before.

Seeing how small the homes appear gives a whole new perspective on how big these hills are. The homes are popping up in small pockets all around the lake making it a very unique landscape.

And then my favourite place of all…. Osoyoos. I LOVED it here! Absolutely breathtaking. Sheltered in a valley, vineyards and produce farms everywhere, steady temperatures all year round, outdoor opportunities endless.

The following day, we did a driving tour literally along the USA border, heading east, all the way towards Grand Forks and back again. The first part was more scenic and mountainous then the last part, but nevertheless it was a beautiful drive and we stopped to take many photos along the way.

Coming back through Osoyoos, we encountered rain storms going through the area. Good timing as it was our last evening in BC.

And all too soon our short trip to BC was over. But a nice reminder that we need to visit more often.

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