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Bora Bora & The Four Seasons Resort

Updated: May 27, 2019

Thursday March 7, 2019 - Tuesday March, 12, 2019 As all good things come to an end, unfortunately for us, this was our last day on ship. As I learned, the ship continued through to the Cook islands, then over to New Zealand! I was super envious. The ship just keeps going around the world continuously. It was so sad to leave, I loved the cruise and the people on it. We ran around and said our goodbye's and checked out at 8:45. Our tour company was there to drive us to the airport (John had all this pre-arranged). I really had no idea what was going on or where we were heading off to next. By this point I was actually enjoying all the surprises and asked him not to tell me.

At the airport, at check in of course I saw the Bora Bora sign. That's when my face erupted in a massive grin even bigger then before! We got on a small prop plane and it took 50 minutes to get back to Bora Bora. Weird that we were just there 2 days before but its how the cruise itinerary works. The views from the air were incredible! The flight attendant told me to run and grab a seat on the left for the best views. Seats are not assigned and its first come first get!

I managed to get the last widow available window on the left side! The first aerial view of leaving Tahiti.. I was totally stunned at the colours of the water. I wished I had a cleaner window though!

Then we flew back over Raiatea and Tahaa. The whole 50 minutes my face was pressed against the camera and window.

And finally Bora Bora again. We realized later that this was the Four Seasons resort I took a photo of unknowingly and me not knowing that we were going to be staying at the Four Seasons resort! The resorts are all on the strip of land (motu) and mainland is in the middle. The strip of land basically goes all around the mainland leaving a beautiful shallow lagoon in between.

Then we flew just past the airport at Bora Bora and did a big U-turn to come back and land on the little strip of land.

The view of the Bora Bora airport and landing strip

It is the coolest airport I've ever been too (or pretty close to the one in the Galapagos too). Its just so weird to land with water on both sides of you, then you walk across the tarmac to the small building, pick out your luggage, then hop on a boat which takes you to your hotel/resort or mainland. There is no other way off this strip except maybe to swim!

When we arrived, the Four Seasons staff greeted us at the airport, put lays around our necks, put us on their water taxi and whisked us off to the resort. That took only about 15 minutes. I was literally in seventh heaven and a bit in shock as well. Wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry from excitement!

Once we got checked in they took us to our hut on the water. I wouldn't really call this a hut. Its more like a 1 bedroom HOUSE! well minus a kitchen :) They had a bottle of champagne and treats set out for us and a really nice handwritten personalized "Congratulations on your anniversary" card. The apartment was stunning. A beautiful kind size bed, his and her sinks, oversized shower and a massive soaker tub. A bar area. TV's in 2 areas. Everything on the TV was personalized for us and there was WIFI included.

Our outdoor deck was huge with a covered table area and two lounge chairs over the the side. Steps and a ladder going directly into the water for our swimming and jumping pleasure. The beautiful Mount Otemanu mountain was right in front of us. John made sure we had the mountain view.

The next five days were spent just relaxing and taking it all in. We walked around the resort, we swam, we paddle boarded, we did one full day excursion, we ate, we took in the beautiful evenings listening to the locals play their ukulele's and traditional dancing during dinners on the beach. It was beyond any expectation I've ever had.

Some photos of the different areas of the resort. You can swim and snorkel anywhere in these lagoons which are located all over. The resort was undergoing some renovations to various huts as they are upgrading all of them this year. Due to the "inconvenience" they offered all guests 100Euro credit per day. That was a very sweet deal as really there was barely any noise and certainly didn't affect us in any way.

Be warned. Bora Bora is expensive. Very expensive actually. Everything has to be shipped in. Food & alcohol. So if you think this is the place to come and party... WRONG! restaurants were very pricey but not just at the Four Seasons... everywhere. We had a package deal which included breakfast and this is the best way of doing it: have a late brunch and then you are good to go until dinner. There are no grocery stores here and no place to buy snacks or anything for your room. You must go to mainland to the one and only grocery store (Chin Lee) right in the main town of Vaitape. But if you don't take the resort water taxi, it will cost you $150 US ONE WAY per couple for another water taxi. If you take the resort water taxi, its $25 one way but unfortunately they have set times and it only goes out at 1:15PM and then comes back at 4:45pm. You dont want to miss it!

We did this one day to go get some munchies and beer before our friends came to visit. Right across the road was a recommended restaurant called Aloe Café... so we went there for pizza and beer. Not nearly as expensive as the resort and the food was great!

On the second day there, we invited our new friends (who were entertainers/staff on the ship) to come visit us! Since the next leg of the cruise starts up again in Tahiti, it does another stop in Bora Bora for those people who have just boarded before heading out to New Zealand. So we made arrangements for a day pass for our friends to come and hang out with us at our hut on the water. It was a fantastic afternoon, having some laughs and enjoying the lagoon.

We did one more full day excursion of snorkelling and swimming with the rays and sharks. This time, we got to see way more sharks and also a really large moray eel! It was fascinating watching the guides interact with the sea life... they were treating them as if they were their pets. They are super comfortable with them and they even have names for some of them.

And all too soon the 5 days were over. On the last day, we finally got some cloud cover and some rain. I did not mind! It was a bit of a relief actually. The whole time, we didn't bother with the pool at all. I wanted to enjoy that ocean for every moment that I could!

Good bye Bora Bora and French Polynesia! What an incredible vacation. Incredible memory.

Incredibly thankful and grateful for life and for my amazing husband... 30 years and going strong! xo

Another huge one off my bucket list! And this completes country/special place #40!

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