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Crystal Cruises: All-inclusive 6 Star Cruising

Updated: May 27, 2019

Tuesday February 19, 2019

After my initial shock that we would be cruising, we were boarded very quickly and settled in to our rooms. I still had no idea where we would be cruising but once we unpacked and got ready for our first dinner that evening, John gave me my room key and made me look at it. That's when I read that we were doing the 16 day "Storied Isles of the Pacific" cruise to French Polynesia, which included Bora Bora! I was giddy with excitement and just couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear.

For the next 16 days of cruising, I would be spoiled like never before. (If you didn't read the previous blog this was a big surprise arranged by my husband in honour of our 30th wedding anniversary this year).

I've cruised before, but not on a ship like this. Crystal Cruises is amazing. It's all inclusive & provides 6 star service. Everything about it was perfect in our opinion. There were no long line-ups. Checking in was a breeze. Checking out the same. The food was totally amazing. The service was better then anywhere I've been yet. There was fast included WI-FI on ship, even in the most remote areas of the Pacific Ocean. Gratuities were included - no tipping to worry about. Its was open seating in all restaurants & 24 hour in room service was available to everyone. The ship is small in comparison to some out there. It holds 848 guests and just shy of 600 staff. On this leg of the cruise there were only 580 guests on board. Even better! Crystal has only 2 ocean liners, the Serenty (which is slightly bigger and holds 980 guests) and the Symphony, which is the one we were on. Since they both just keep circling the globe at various times, you can book different legs of the journey and get on a various places around the world. They also have European river cruise boats, expedition type ships and a private, smaller yacht, The Esprit, for only 62 guests and 90 crew members.

Whichever you choose, I am sure you wont be disappointed.

So, what's so special about Crystal Cruises? 1. Our rooms were amazing. John upgraded us to a balcony suite. We had the most comfortable king bed, a ton of room for all our clothes, large flatscreen TV, a spacious washroom with two sinks and a beautiful shower and tub area. I wish I knew how nice the provided shampoo & conditioner were as I wouldn't have brought mine! We also had self serve laundry room nearby with laundry detergent included to wash our clothes whenever necessary.

2. The ship had great workout facilities. A good sized gym, walking and running tracks outside on different decks, outdoor exercise machines and a tennis court.

3. It also had fantastic areas to relax and do whatever you wanted to do, without ever being packed or having to wait for a seat.

4. The food was phenomenal! So many choices and so well made. Great care was taken when it came to cleanliness and safety. Also, hand washing was enforced before entering any restaurant. The liquor choices and the mixed drinks were phenomenal... the best I've ever had! They weren't pre-mixed and everything was freshly made or with real juice, unlike the cheap sugary stuff you get at most all inclusive resorts.

5. There was always something to do & many options to choose from during the day and the evenings; whether it was dance classes, seminars, golf lessons, the gym or the spa, photography or computer lessons, to relax and read a book or chill out at the pool side deck. We were never bored for a moment, even on the many sea days we had. I actually really enjoyed having the sea days. The evening entertainment was fantastic with several options each evening - most were timed real well so that you can enjoy them all or just choose whatever suited you.

6. And of course, like I said, the staff (581 of them) were top notch individuals from 58 countries in total. There were a lot of Bosnians, Serbians and Croatians as well (including the captain who was Croatian!) which ended up being a bit more special for me since I am Croatian born.

We dont have a single negative thing to say about Crystal cruises. And we will definitely cruise with them again in the very near future!

Hold on tight John!

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